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Job Type: Umbraco Backend Developer
Certification: Uncertified Professional
Location: Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Been working with Umbraco since 2008 from v4.7 to present, across a wide range of projects via agency with extensive 3rd party api integration and Back Office customisation (using Angular) as well as Data Types. Strong c#/MVC using Abstraction and Dependency Injection and spent 14 months working in.

Freelancer Details

Key Skills

.Net Framework C# MVC/Razor (up to 4.6.1)

SQL Server, SSMS, 

Javascript, JQuery, Angular (predominantly within Umbraco Back Office)

Umbraco CMS – Currently working on Umbraco Headless separating front end & back end using Umbraco Cloud

Json, oAuth, REST, Ajax


APIs/Web Services - deliver and consume

IIS, Azure (Blade)

DI/IOC - Unity

Source Control - GitHub, VSTS, SourceTree, Jenkins, BitBucket

Project management – Jira, DoneDone, Trello

Agile, Waterfall methodology

Batch file automation/Console Application dev


Third party integration incl - GMaps, GA, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Uniform, SagePay, WorldPay, PayPal

Service Details:

Contract Sept – Nov 2 2018

Company: Greenlight Digital

Address: 3 Bravingtons Walk, London, N1 9AJ

Role: .Net/Umbraco Developer

Using visual studio, .net, sql server, jquery/javascript, ajax, c#, jira, azure, donedone, jenkins

Clients include: Primark, Bevan Brittan, Wigan Warriors, Powershop Energy

Employer Optical Express
Date June 2017 - Aug 2018
Position Snr Umbraco Developer
Salary £45k
To maintain a previously built in-house CMS while develop and build the new flagship website, followed by additional complimentary Euro sites, integrating with web services as part of CRUD process to read/write data for booking system.
Worked in conjunction with a front end designer, tester and manager. Role was originally to develop new sites within the Umbraco CMS but this never transpired.
Umbraco V7.10.4
Additionally set up and maintained Azure platform to host applications, users, Continuous Delivery/Integration to ensure a reliable process for releases.
Employer Zen Agency
Date June 2013 - May 2017
Position Snr Developer
Salary £40k
Client facing role as part of team to pitch for new projects, estimates, milestones, functional specifications and updates. Develop and build Umbraco-based web applications with integration to third party apis and web services (examples include Uniform, Salesforce, MS Dynamics) and e-commerce sites using TeaCommerce with SagePay, WorldPay, PayPal).
Umbraco v4.7 to V6.*
Within a small team, work in conjunction with front end designer, SEO Marketing and project manager as well as regular communications with clients and stakeholders.
Projects include bespoke back office development utilising Angular. Examples include Booking System for Turning Point Scotland intranet facilitating admin control of booking management.
Employer Intelligent Mobile
Date Mar 2012 - May 2013
Position .Net Developer
Salary £32k
Providing maintenance support on web applications for the property market using the .Net Framework, SQL Server and front end design/layout. Content delivery and design used adaptive design rather than responsive.
All applications were almost the same except they were re-skinned to suit the client so the diversity was limited. Clients included Cala Homes and Miller.
Worked within a small team including two developers, database administrator and project manager.
Employer Big Think Agency (derived from previous employer GRP)
Date May 2011 - Mar 2012
Position .Net Developer
Salary £30k
Working in conjunction with a front end designer, project manager and clients/stakeholders, the projects were diverse and predominantly based around the Umbraco CMS and utilising .Net, SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery with web Service/API integration. Clients included Commonwealth Games and Cameron Ross (Kiltwear).
Umbraco V4.7 – V5.*
Employer GRP (Guy Robertson Partnership)
Date Mar 2010 - Apr 2011
Position .Net Developer
Initially on a temp role which was made permanent, projects were developed using the Umbraco CMS and integrated with external web services and APIs as well as client scripting with Javascript/JQuery. 
Working in small team including front end designers, developer, Marketing/SEO and clients/stakeholders on diverse range of projects incorporating e-commerce.

Skills & Industry Experience

Industry Sectors:

Arts & Culture, Education, Energy & Utilities, Engineering & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Information Technology, Media, Property & Construction, Public Sector & Charity, Tourism & Hospitality


AngularJS, API & Integrations, Azure, CRM Solutions, Ecommerce, Extending Umbraco Backoffice, Hosting & Support, HTML & CSS, Javascript & JQuery, Razor Syntax, Technology Consultancy, Umbraco Cloud, Umbraco Content API, Umbraco Courier, Umbraco Forms, Umbraco Models Builder, Web Development

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