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Job Type: Umbraco Backend Developer
Certification: Umbraco Certified Professional
Location: Leeds (United Kingdom)


Contract Umbraco back end developer, with experience in almost all aspects of the CMS. I love working with Examine and learning new things!

Freelancer Details

I've been programming for eleven years, eight of them professionally, and more than three with Umbraco. While I'm new on the contracting scene, I've worked with a huge variety of clients, from supermarkets to banks, and from legal services to healthcare providers. You can find me at the Leeds Umbraco meetup most months.

I believe that we should always try to do more, and so have been learning test driven development recently to try to make my code as clear and maintainable as possible.

Service Details:

Having worked with a wide array of clients and their requirements, I have a broad knowledge set. While not working on the front end of websites directly, I can write HTML and simple CSS, and can use both the LESS and SASS variants. I also can use both Grunt and Gulp to perform both front end and backend tasks.

Meanwhile, I have a very good understanding of C# MVC development, alongside almost all aspects of the Umbraco CMS. I have integrated many APIs and packages, written comprehensive web APIs, and used both Examine and Elasticsearch to index content. I have a good working knowledge of SQL Server, and have used MongoDB extensively.

Besides the development aspect of my work, I have also written documentation on various aspects of projects, such as helping to establish a defined data structure for a difficult project, providing it with much-needed direction. I am always willing to lend a hand to colleagues with any difficulties, and can act as a liaison between developers and those who may not understand the technical terms involved.


Umbraco Certified Professional

Verified By Umbraco HQ

Skills & Industry Experience

Industry Sectors:

B2B, Education, Energy & Utilities, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Household & Personal Products, Information Technology, Media, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Property & Construction, Public Sector & Charity, Retail, Tourism & Hospitality


API & Integrations, Azure, CS.Net MVC, Examine Searching & Indexing, Extending Umbraco Backoffice, Hosting & Support, Internet Security, Javascript & JQuery, Razor Syntax, Software Development, Umbraco Content API, Umbraco Forms, Umbraco Media API, Umbraco Member API, Umbraco Models Builder, Web Development

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