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Job Type: Umbraco Backend Developer
Certification: Umbraco Certified Master
Location: London (United Kingdom)


I've been working with Umbraco for nearly 10 years (v4.5), and I'm now an Umbraco Master. All areas of .net development catered for on a contract basis.

Freelancer Details

I've been a web developer since 2002, having qualified with a degree in computer science. Since then I've primarily worked in the digital agency world primarily as a web developer but also as a project manager.

In 2011 I went freelance initially marketing myself as an agency and more recently purely as a fulltime contractor.

My best skills are my soft ones; being a team player, communicating well, effectively problem solving, and always with a positive attitude. That said I'm pretty handy with SOLID development skills too.

Married, father of three, and a keen runner (if given the opportunity).

Service Details:

My most recent role is within the marketing department of a financial services company. Officially entitled as Marketing Solutions Architect I've built several Umbraco sites that connect with multiple external data sources and systems. I've also designed the marketing data warehouse and reporting system, which is used to direct the spending of a large marketing budget.

I can also develop single-phase applications, with my framework of choice being Vue.

Earlier in my courier I worked as lead developer in an educational consultancy, producing 6 figure websites and educational resources for large companies.


Umbraco Certified Master

Verified By Umbraco HQ

Skills & Industry Experience

Industry Sectors:

B2B, Education, Finance, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Public Sector & Charity


AngularJS, API & Integrations, Azure, CS.Net MVC, Examine Searching & Indexing, Extending Umbraco Backoffice, Hosting & Support, Internet Security, Javascript & JQuery, Marketing Automation, Online Marketing & Paid Ads, Razor Syntax, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Software Development, Technology Consultancy, Umbraco Courier, Umbraco Media API, Umbraco Member API, Umbraco Models Builder, Web Development

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