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Job Type: Umbraco Full Stack Developer
Certification: Uncertified Professional
Location: Aylesbury (United Kingdom)


I am a well organised professional with a positive and honest attitude. My goal is to exceed in whatever role I am currently in. I always seek continuous improvement and my current objective is to establish myself into a full stack web development role.

Freelancer Details

Full stack web developer with 1-2 years of experience. Current address is a small town near London, working for a local telecoms company in Buckinghamshire.

Service Details:

I offer website development with Umbraco for content managing. Developed a website for my current company ,which I maintain on daily basis and is content managed using Umbraco . I can provide link to a private github repo for viewing to any potential employers.

Skills & Industry Experience

Industry Sectors:

Media, Telecommunication Services


Analytics, CS.Net MVC, HTML & CSS, Javascript & JQuery, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Umbraco Models Builder, Web Development

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