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4 Reasons we'd recommend Tea Commerce Umbraco for e-commerce

In another article, we looked at reasons we enjoy using Merchello for our client’s Umbraco eCommerce projects. This time we turn our attention to one of its main competitors: Tea Commerce.

Tea Commerce provides another easy way to add an eCommerce solution to your website. It’s a flexible product that might just be right for your business. Read on for four reasons UmbraJobs recommends Tea Commerce for eCommerce.

1. It’s Quick and Easy to Implement

There are a host of eCommerce options available for Umbraco. So why should you choose Tea Commerce? First of all, you won’t hit any major hurdles when you install it. Just follow these instructions:

  • Download Umbraco from
  • Go to the developer section in Umbraco solution
  • Select “packages” and then “install local packages”
  • Follow the on-screen guide and you’ll be ready to go in no time

You’ll likely have questions with which a digital agency could help, and Tea Commerce Support is a smart place to start.

2. It’s a Flexible and Functional Umbraco Option

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to eCommerce and Tea Commerce knows that. No two shops are the same, which is why developers have ensured their CMS (Content Management System) platform is packed full of useful, customisable features.

Users can work in different currencies and sell in multiple countries, control individual settings for different stores, download unlimited product templates, and create custom product information.

It’s hard to put our finger on our favourite aspect, because the list of customisation options is too long to go into here. But if you have a vision for your store, you’ll get there using Tea Commerce’s functional platform.

3. Robust Templates with Easy-to-Navigate Menus and Pages

Most, if not all, shops sell more than one product. This requires websites with a range of different page styles. This is important for making sure products are displayed in their best light. The range of Tea Commerce’s page types and menu options means users can customise everything from the size and number of pictures to the amount of product copy and the size and shape of “buy now” or “add to basket” buttons.

This all happens within Umbraco’s content section, where it’s easy to manage products, categories, and make sure your shop is fully SEO optimised so you keep bringing in that all-important traffic.

4. The Platform Supports Razor, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Tea Commerce provides a solid range of APIs for building stores. So whether you’re proficient using Razor, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, you’ll be able to use your favourite to develop the eCommerce solution that suits your goals. However, you don’t need to be an expert in any, because the platform’s developers have tested it to ensure their product is idiot-proof, so nearly everyone will have a fully functioning webshop in no time at all.

5. Merchello or Tea Commerce?

If you can’t decide between Tea Commerce or Merchello , read our Tea Commerce vs. Merchello post. It outlines why you might pick one over the other, and what it will mean for your webshop—whether you’re looking for an open-source and easy-to-install solution, or if functionality is your biggest requirement.

Still not sure? Speak to a digital marketing agency specialising in Umbraco eCommerce.

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