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The long-awaited release of Umbraco’s latest Content Management System (CMS) is almost upon us and everybody’s talking about it! Umbraco 8 is in the final stages of testing and developers all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Want to develop a site yourself or work on someone else’s Umbraco website? Umbraco certifications will help you land that dream job. Umbraco HQ offers a range of training courses to certify users, with three different levels of expertise. Each course comes with its own point value--the more points you earn, the higher your certification level.

As Umbraco’s popularity as a primary Content Management System (CMS) grows, so too does the myriad of features that are available to Umbraco users. Let’s delve into Umbraco Courier and explore this package in depth.

To put it simply, the objective of Umbraco Courier is to move the functioning items of one site to another. But due to the unique way that Umbraco CMS is built, this is a process in itself. This is because there are a whole host of dependencies that go into moving an item from site to site.

How to get source control up and running with Umbraco using GitHub, uSync , and Visual Studio.

How to get source control up and running with Umbraco Cloud and Visual Studio.

Don’t be overwhelmed by your options. Let us help you zoom in on the right Umbraco support specialist for you. We know the best freelancers and most experienced agencies. Contact us with the details of your specific Umbraco project. We will provide you with free consultations, and ensure that you receive the technical website support from the person or group most fit for your job.

Collecting data through a Content Management System (CMS) is one of the key functions of a fully operational website, and building a form is an efficient way to do this. Umbraco Forms is a user-friendly feature for form creation. Whether your intention is to create a contact form or collect information from a comprehensive client questionnaire, Umbraco Forms is the solution for you.

As an open-sourced Content Management System since 2005, Umbraco offers its users flexibility and ease in creating their own website. The Umbraco Starter Kits give website developers, designers, owners and everyday people the necessary web development and content management tools to create a top-notch site.

The Umbraco forum is a friendly and supportive forum where users can find resources and ask questions pertaining to Umbraco, the open-source CMS. You can ask questions, search for answers, find documentation and a tonne of packages from the growing Umbraco community of over 200,000 members.

Umbraco CMS How To Do - How to get the current language culture in Umbraco using razor script

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