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4 Reasons to use Umbraco

Why you should choose Umbraco as your Content Management System

If you are looking for an enterprise-level content management system that will never limit your developers, you should consider switching to Umbraco, the open source and totally free CMS with incredible usability. Whilst this platform will require more technical knowledge to use, it will also provide you with the ability to create highly complex, secure websites for large organisations.

What’s wrong with Wordpress?

Wordpress is perhaps the most well-known and widely used content management system currently in use today but did you know it was originally created to be used only as a blogging platform? With its roots as a platform for users with little to no technical knowledge, this CMS has certainly come a long way but it still functions as a basic platform for editing pages and posts in a flat structure. For professional web developers who need the ability to make major changes to the layout and structure of a website, Wordpress can be very limiting. Furthermore, because this CMS is so popular, there are a number of third party themes that users utilise. The issue is that these themes lack the security often required for a major website for a business, which can lead to serious data breach issues and functionality problems. Furthermore, the PHP operating language in Wordpress is not considered to be very secure, further adding to these security issues.

Umbraco is developed to work with Windows

Umbraco is written in C# and deployed on the Microsoft platform, which is not only far more secure than PHP, it also works seamlessly with all Microsoft products, including Microsoft Word. This means that you can make changes to your website within Word itself and Umbraco will apply those changes to your site automatically. So, if your business utilises machines running Microsoft Windows, Umbraco could save you time updating your content, as well as skipping out the need to use a CMS at all. Umbraco utilises .NET development, which is used by large enterprise-level companies that take security very seriously and require a developer platform that is highly versatile, with great capabilities.

What is the catch of using Umbraco?

Umbraco is a professional CMS that utilises a secure and complex developer platform, so the downside is that you will likely have to hire an expert in the field of C#, HTML and CSS development. The good news is that most enterprise-level organisations will either have an in-house asset that can work directly with these languages, or they can utilise external freelancers or organisations that can do this for them.

Is Umbraco the right CMS for you?

Umbraco will undoubtedly cost you more money because you will need to hire a professional to use it but it will also mean that you end up with a website that is more customised and tailored to be exactly what you want. Wordpress allows you to create basic websites and blogs, with little customisation. Umbraco is for serious companies with big ambitions, who want to create large, complex websites that are scalable and highly secure.

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