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How to extend ModelsBuilder Models in Umbraco 9

So I cool thing I have always done in older versions of Umbraco is extend the Models Builder Models by adding custom fields to them.

Why would you want to extend the models builder?

1. You have a staff profile doc type with a first name and last name and you are constantly having to concat the two together to create the 'Full Name' in your razor views. This would be a great reason to do this at the model level.

2. Maybe you have a doc type with a listing date and your preferred date format is dd-MMM-yyyy and you find all your team seem to do it differently on the views they are working on. Another great reason for add a custom property to your doc type at model level called 'Listing Date Formatted'. The team can simply use this property instead of the 'ListingDate' property stored directly on your doc type. This would save them having to format it every time.

3. Maybe you have a blog article page and this page has a collection of related blog articles. In the backend you use a multiple tree picker to related the items. They in your razor script you have to add extra code to parse into the correct strongly typed model for the related blog articles. Instead I like to do this a model level and have them output to the view already cast to the correct type.

4. Maybe you have an app setting stored in your web.config or now the new appsettings.json file which you want to surface to the frontend. If you are link me and store a lot of your settings within an Umbraco node 'SiteSettings' but then there are the odd few settings stored on the web.config / appsettings.json and it annoys you that they are not all together in the same place. Well this would be a great reason to create a custom property on your 'SiteSettings' node at model level pulling the external site settings all into one place.

How to extent a Models Builder Model

1. Create .cs file in a folder of you choice. I usually add this to a Models/ModelsBuilderExtensions folder

2. Name the file the same as your Models Builder model you are wanting to extent.

3. Add the following code. Please note the class name needs to be Exactly the same as your model you are wanting to extend.

using System.Configuration;
namespace Umbraco.Cms.Web.Common.PublishedModels
    public partial class HomePage
         public string FullName
                    return FirstName + " " + LastName;

You will then be able to add the new property to your razor view exactly in the same was as you would any other property stored on the doc type. You can really clean up your code by using this technique.

@if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.FullName))

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