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Umbraco Festivals in 2019

Calling all Umbraco developers--here is your guide the Umbraco Festivals lineup in 2019. Travel, learn, and network with fellow Umbraco users across the world in beautiful locations like the United Kingdom and Denmark. Take part in a slew of activities ranging from hackathons, talks, and panel discussions, and stay for the after-parties and networking to meet with the rest of the Umbraco community.

Umbraco Festival Deustchland

Umbraco Festival Deustchland will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 5th April 2019. The pre-festival activities kick off the day before, beginning with a free Umbraco 8 hackathon, and a pre-party with the local and international Umbraco network. The festival day is full of inspirational talks on tech topics, deep-tech sessions and intensive workshops, suitable for all ranges of beginners to experienced Umbraco fans.

Of course, the festival wouldn’t be complete without its after-party, where Umbracians can mingle with others alongside delicious food and Umbraco-themed cocktails. The party continues with the ‘after-after-party’ as the group adjourns to the local karaoke bar for a merry night out.

Organised by byte5, a German IT service provider, this local meetup has transformed into a full-fledged coding festival that even won an Umbraco MVP award.


Happening on 22 to 24 May 2019 in Odense, Denmark, Codegarden is the premier Umbraco festival to attend. The three-day event is hosted by Umbraco HQ and consists of workshops and talks by key leaders including keynote speaker Niels Hartvig, the founder and CEO of Umbraco.

Expect to hear from community superstars and developers, get sneak peeks at new releases for Umbraco, in-depth code demonstrations, and fascinating case studies throughout the festival. Codegarden is the largest gathering of the global Umbraco network, where users can meet with the ‘who’s who’ of the Umbraco world, including the entire Umbraco HQ team and top CMS and web experts.


DUUGFest will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands on 11 October 2019. While the schedule is not confirmed yet, past years have featured a pre-party, speakers, workshops, and Umbraco expert discussions, and live-streaming of Umbracoffee, an Umbraco talk show. Noteworthy speakers on the lineup so far are Niels Hartvig of Umbraco and Emma Burstow, a .NET developer from poweredbypie.


CODECABIN is an exclusive, invite-only weekend away for 20 selected Umbraco developers to code, learn, and network in a private location in the U.K. countryside. Part boot camp, part coding retreat, CODECABIN provides the distraction-free environment for developers to create that project or package that they’ve been meaning to get their heads in. CODECABIN 2019 will run from 25 to 28 October 2019. Interested parties can apply for a spot by sending in an application explaining why they’d be a good fit for the event. Deadline for applications is 5 July 2019. The final participants will be handpicked by the organisers and sent invites for the retreat.

With these international Umbraco festivals happening throughout the year, Umbraco users are spoiled for choice on which to attend. For those who are new to Umbraco, festivals like these are one of the quickest ways to be initiated into the friendly community. For those who want to organise their own Umbraco festival, find out more about how Umbraco HQ can support your event.

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