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Umbraco Tutorials: How To Get Started

Ready to dive into one of the most flexible and friendly content management systems (CMS) available on the .NET platform? Umbraco is a free, open-source CMS that offers a plethora of customisable extensions and modules. To fully use all that the system offers, you can go through the Umbraco Training courses, or pick and choose what information you need from site tutorials like these:


Our.Umbraco is the central hub for the Umbraco community. It provides a forum, documentation, even meetups. Our.Umbraco also has a helpful section of tutorials, ranging from getting started and creating a basic site to creating an XML site map. Other teaching topics include creating a custom dashboard, adding Google authentication, or porting your package to version 8.

Each page includes straightforward directions and visual depictions of the Umbraco backend screen. Our.Umbraco makes their tutorial pages available for editing on GitHub, so the developing community can continue to share their expertise.

Umbraco TV

Are you more of a watcher than a reader? The Umbraco headquarters team has put together a vast video tutorial hub to help developers, implementers, and editors go from “zero to Umbraco hero.” You can explore many topics for free, or pay to be a member and gain access to the full video library.

The videos are bite-sized, step-by-step “how to” guides. Topics include understanding the fundamentals of the Umbraco systems, front-end development, and how to extend the functionality of Umbraco to work with APIs and integrate other programmes.

Umbraco Jumpstart

If you want more of a full course Umbraco meal than tapas and treats, check out Umbraco Jumpstart, a course offered through the technology learning platform Pluralsight. The two-and-a-half hour course starts by explaining what Umbraco is and how to get started, then breaks down the tools and features available. It ends with building a complete Umbraco website from scratch.

Jumpstart is taught by Aaron Powell, a senior developer and technical web specialist with Readify and Microsoft MVP for Internet Explorer Development. Pluralsight does require a team or individual subscription, but gives users the option to try it free for 10 days first.

These are just a few of the choices available on the web for Umbraco training. As the system’s popularity grows, the Umbraco community of freelancers, partners, and agencies are exploring all that the software can do. Why not get started today? Feast on the knowledge of the Umbraco webmasters and join their ranks as a qualified Umbraco developer.

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Hey Peeps,

I'm an entrepreneur and web developer with a passion for coding. I absolutely love working with Umbraco CMS and appreciate the Umbraco community even more.

I've got 10 years+ .Net experience and 7 years+ experience working in the recruitment industry, both coding and marketing job websites. I wanted to use my skills to help give something back to this awesome community and so I decided to build

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