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Why You Should Join The Umbraco Partners Program

In a previous article I discussed the three different levels of being an Umbraco certified developer and how to become one so I feel that it makes sense to follow up with an article about the benefits of having your Umbraco development agency recognized as being staffed by Umbraco experts and give an explanation of what how to do that and what a couple of the main benefits are of doing so.

How your Umbraco development agency can join

To show that your agency really is a genuinely committed Umbraco development company you must have at least two Umbraco developers working there who have proven themselves worthy of recognition by becoming Umbraco certified developers. This means that your agency must have a minimum of 400 training hours. We also recommend that they take different courses to broaden your Umbraco development agency’s proven skillset.

Once you have ticked this box you must then pay a subscription fee to earn the prestige. As of writing, it costs $3,439 to join the Umbraco partners program and this is an annual subscription that is totally worth it if you want to be taken seriously as Umbraco developers and will easily pay for itself in the business you will get for joining.

So what are a couple of the main benefits?

You will get officially listed on the Umbraco website

With this, no one can contest your Umbraco development agency’s credentials when it comes to being staffed by elite Umbraco CMS developers. Not only does this give you the ability to show you are the real deal to prospective clients or employers but it might actually bring you opportunities as clients interested in Umbraco web development often use these listings to source reliable developers for their Umbraco jobs.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here. Now wouldn’t you want your Umbraco development agency to be on that list?!

Your agency gets an official Umbraco Partner Badge to flash about

Of course, not every person of interest to your revenue numbers is going to be browsing the official Umbraco Partner listings page looking for talent. For those who are checking out your website, social media or posters you put up on public billboards you can always decorate it with an Umbraco Partner badge to let them know that you know your stuff. And of course, this can be verified by pointing them towards your listing on the Umbraco partners page. So don’t think you can just go and copy paste a badge!

You can expect to watch your Umbraco web developer agency’s conversion rates climb with prospective clients when you earn the right to brag about your abilities which can be verified. In this competitive industry, anything you can do to stand out will help you get ahead!

Your agency receives one free course per year

If you are already an Umbraco web developer then you know already that these courses can cost a fair amount already. When you become an official Umbraco partner you get to enter one of your staff into a course, complete free, every year you are subscribed.

Think about it, if you have a new dev onboard and want to get him started on his way to being an Umbraco certified master then you can use this to enter him into the essential Umbraco Fundamentals course which alone is worth $1,415. That’s almost half your subscription fee back already!!

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