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Community Tools for Umbraco Developers

Ever had a problem with Umbraco that your team just can’t figure out? As an Umbraco developer, there are many complicated questions that come up; consequently, there is a need for a community where novices and experts can meet and discuss all things Umbraco. In addition, there is also a desire for developers to meet and discuss their craft, fields of interest, and all things Umbraco-related with fellow colleagues.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools you and your team can use to figure out everything, from Umbraco technicals, to front- and back-end programming.

So gather ‘round the fire and learn where the Umbraco community is really convening on the Internet. Here are the top five community tools that we recommend for any Umbraco team trying to solve a problem, meet up, or simply improve their skills.

The Five Tools For Umbraco Support and Success

1. UmbraJobs. To improve your Umbraco network, look no further than UmbraJobs. Touting itself as the best place to find Umbraco professionals, partners, and jobs, UmbraJobs is fast-becoming the meet-up point for the Umbraco community. Besides having tabs for partners, jobs, and freelancers, you can also claim your profile and post a job.

2. Umbraco Forum. Need help answering a tricky question for a project? Umbraco forum is one of our favourite places to start. Allowing anyone to search and filter through threads, the Umbraco forum enables you to solve the most common, and even the most unusual coding issues you or your team may encounter. In all, we give it five stars for being a spot-on community of Umbraco professionals. You can even stream videos from our Codegarden 18 conference. Imagine that!

3. UmbraCoffee. Each week, on Fridays at 12:30 CET, Marcin and Callum get together on YouTube for the umbraCoffee show, designed to “drive you through the weekly news and things Umbraco-related.” The sessions are 15 to 30 minutes, and often inform Umbraco professionals about different regional meet-ups. Topics also include discussions on Umbraco programming events, such as the Umbraco UK Hackathon.

4. Twitter Community. Interested in the Umbraco Twitter community? Be updated in real time with UmbraJobs. Having already attained around 1,300 followers, the group is active in promoting Umbraco, including our Codegarden conferences. It is also a helpful place to go if you are looking for any sort of Umbraco meet-up worldwide. Other smaller groups to follow include @umbracolondon and @umbracoleeds, where you can touch base for weekly or monthly Umbraco pub sessions.

5. Umbraco Slack Channel. The Umbracian Slack account is an instant messenger program, used as a forum, where a large community of Umbraco professionals regularly convene to meet up, chatting about everything from technical problems, to jobs. To join this community, it is necessary for you to create a Slack account.

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David Armitage

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Hey Peeps,

I'm an entrepreneur and web developer with a passion for coding. I absolutely love working with Umbraco CMS and appreciate the Umbraco community even more.

I've got 10 years+ .Net experience and 7 years+ experience working in the recruitment industry, both coding and marketing job websites. I wanted to use my skills to help give something back to this awesome community and so I decided to build

My vision & fundamentals

I want this website to be a place where Umbraco Professionals and Umbraco Partners can advertise their services but at the same time I want to filter out all the under-qualified freelancers & agencies that take up the biggest part of other job & freelancer websites. We've all worked hard to gain our Umbraco certifications, partnership status, and help build the Umbraco community to what it is today. I want to see everyone get rewarded for their efforts.

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If you're an Umbraco professional, partner, employer, recruiter or a passionate Umbraco community builder then I'm more than happy to hear from you. Follow me on my social media channels and please reach out if you have any needs, want help or consultation with anything Umbraco related or just want a general chat.

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